vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Griffon knights


standard bearer:


with flash:

needs some extra moddeling + basing

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Conversions: HQ

I've written some background for my army and wanted to make characters to represent them:

Vashtor Lacoi:
field-general (not leader of the host)
fielded as cavalry prince/noble

built from: noble kit + cape of IoB-mage + shield from DP kit

Seiryu Cython:
lore: high and shadow
=> also fire and metal (was once a dragon mage)

built from: mage kit and dragon kit + the book from empire mage kit

Marrek Charoi:
mage (great for fielding annullian crystal)
lore: high and beast

built from: empire mage kit and some spare elven parts (head and staff)

Ellaine Saroir:
lore: high and heaven

built from: dark elf mage + mage kit + woodelven spear
(idea of green spiral is a magic missle spell: urannon's thunderbolt)
=> will be painted dark blue with white lines to represent lightning

Shinta Harathoi:
noble, BSB
captain of the seaguard (on board this army's ships)

built from: dragon kit + noble kit + DP kit (left lower-arm with sword)

Asur Ashlian Ceyl:
lord of the host (prince)
wanted something "unique" so gave him a beasty (haven't named it yet)

built from: cave dragon (Lotr) + IoB griffon + dragon kit (sword)
=> still needs basing

maandag 18 juli 2011

beginning of an army: prototype

As this page will mostly be viewed by people who don't understand dutch I'll continue in english (former post was a test anyway). I don't think I'm alone when I say that, although I love this hobby, it seems that my painting progresses very slowly. To help me encourage painting I thought of starting a (this) blog. This first real post features my prototype colour scheme on a swordmaster of hoeth:

Next step is me going to the store this weekend and buy a new brush and some paints that have run out. After that I plan to start painting a 14-man unit of swordmasters and a mage. In my next post I will also try to give an small step by step guide about how I painted this model. It's possible that nobody is interested but I just hope that this little experimetal blog of mine will aid me in finally getting some work done.